5Ee1 Electric Light- Electric Light Bulb

What is the concept?
An electric lamp is a device that produces visible light by the flow of electric current. An incandescent lamp produces light by a filament heated white-hot by electric current. Only 7-8% electricity turns into visible light while 90% or more turns into heat. Although the energy efficiency of electric lamp was low at that time, it started the first milestone in the world. Lamp life expectancy for modern types of lamp is usually 1000 hours of operation. A coiled filament of tungsten is commonly used in incandescent lamp at present.

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電燈(Electric lamp)是發光的物體以用來照明。電燈泡外殼用玻璃製成,把燈絲保持在真空,或低壓的惰性氣體之下,作用是防止燈絲在高溫之下氧化。


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